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Angela Pinzon Garcia

UX/UI Designer

I’m a 31 years old, Bogota-based UX Designer with 11 years of experience. For me, design is present in everything we think and do, and I approach it by constantly generating ideas that in time will help solve problems. I passionately love design and everything around and related to it.

I’ve always focused on the digital field and in fact I’m currently exerting as UX Designer. I’m passionate about creating digital products and understanding how users see the world and behave when prompted to a new interface or service. That array of insights is critical when creating outstanding digital pieces that are meant to have long-lasting, real-world applications.


Thursday, April 22nd

6:10pm UTC

Building Sticker Sheets to scale design systems

The aim of this talk is to demystify the process behind creating and organizing a design system from scratch, using our experience as product consultants for large companies.
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4/22 6:106:40pm UTC
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