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Au Pleguezuelo

Senior Systems Designer at Github

I'm a designer who won't stop jumping from one subject to another. I'm currently a design systems designer but also an art director. I'm a graphic designer, a failed head of design, and an eternal design intern. I fell in love with all of these experiences out of fascination by the idea of designing things into existence. I just get excited by a lot of things.

Wednesday, April 21st

4:50pm UTC

We should be replaceable: how we can build timeless design systems

This is a talk about soft skills, design culture and what that looks like in practice. Using principles of systems theory, design principles and design culture best practices, Au will demonstrate that great design systems can be timeless. That they can scale and take on any challenges the future may hold. And also that our qualities as systems designers have immense impact into it.
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4/21 4:505:20pm UTC
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