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Helena Jaramillo

Product Design Lead at Coda

Helena is an Ecuadorian, product design lead at Coda, a new doc for teams. Prior to joining Coda, she has held design roles at technology and consumer companies such as Google, Facebook, Etsy, Khan Academy and TransferWise. She values collaboration, inclusion and creating tools that empower people.

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Wednesday, April 21st

6:50pm UTC

How to build a compelling vision when building from zero to one

This session will explore how to build conviction and become the expert by: observing and understanding the market to inform your intuition; learning whenーand whyーto question the status quo and design something that’s “right” even if it goes against the familiar, existing patterns; using existing collateral and updating it with your vision can help team members understand where you’re going; and creating a North Star that’s not too detached from reality.
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4/21 6:507:20pm UTC
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