April 21–22 2021
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Jon Gold

Chief Vibe Officer at Cosmic Computation Laboratory

Jon Gold is an independent artist, musician & technologist. His R&D lab, Cosmic Computation Laboratory, is building experimental tools for curious creative people who want to live in the future. Previously he invented over-engineered solutions for UI designers at large companies to draw rectangles and unsuccessfully tried to get a legion of typography-aware robots to take over the design industry


Thursday, April 22nd

7:30pm UTC

New futures, together

Take a walk to the experimental edges of intelligent creative software with Jon. A meeting point of once disparate threads, we now see dots connected between decades of work in generative & parametric UI design, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, decentralization, and communal collaboration. The tooling we'll be experimenting with is futuristic and yet we can use it today: our interdependent future already awaits us if we so choose.
Embracing the mess
4/22 7:308:00pm UTC
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