April 21–22 2021
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Kriss Chaumont

Senior Lead Designer at NBC News Digital

Designing and building delightful, frictionless, responsive and content-centric experiences is what this Belgian is all about.

With a problem-solving and a “get it done” attitude, I know enough about every aspect of digital content creation to greatly respect all of its players and facilitate collaboration.

I also find creativity in working with HTML, SASS, and jQuery. Using my front-end development and design skills, I frequently build prototypes that I present to the leadership team and business stakeholders.Always curious and eager to pick up new skills, I enjoy challenging projects that are outside of my comfort zone such as working on data access and writing complex Handlebars modules or even writing feature stories for the Seattle Times!

I worked four years for Microsoft, four years for The Seattle Times and going on 20 years for NBCNews.

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Wednesday, April 21st

4:50pm UTC

Kriss Chaumont

Senior Lead Designer at NBC News Digital

Ethan Byun

Interaction Designer at NBC News Digital

Natalie Kuehn

Product Designer at NBC News Digital

Uniting for cross-platform storytelling: Elections at NBC News

Live election coverage is a huge opportunity for NBC News and MSNBC to deliver fast, accurate results across television graphics, interactive boards, websites, mobile apps and social media. In previous election cycles, design collaboration has been limited as teams operated separately with unique design systems and tools. As audiences have shifted to watching the election unfold not just on-air but across a variety of platforms, we saw an opportunity to unite and make sure we delivered what our audience needed, where they needed it, all using a common language.
Shifting team culture
4/21 4:505:20pm UTC
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