April 21–22 2021
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Lalo Martínez

Product Designer at Quora

Lalo is a product designer at Quora, where he tries to bridge the gap between ML and design. Before that, he spent 7+ years building and helping entrepreneurs build and launch products in Mexico and the US.

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Thursday, April 22nd

7:30pm UTC

When design meets machine learning

Lalo is a product designer at Quora’s Distribution team, which means his work is to design a product that helps the ML team understand what 300+ million users like and distribute the best content for them. When he joined, he found out that even though the design and ML teams both understood their roles, they didn’t have principles that would help them achieve their goals consistently. So, he’s spent the last few months coming up with those principles — we’re excited to hear about them at Config.
Embracing the mess
Design systems
4/22 7:308:00pm UTC
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