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Lucas Coelho

VP of Design at Roam Digital

Lucas Coelho has dedicated his career to design and entrepreneurship. He started out as Jr. Designer working for small agencies and startups before becoming a founding member of He went on to co-found’s Brazilian operations, before serving as a Partner and Strategic Designer at Studio Flama. For the past almost four years, Lucas has served as the VP of design at Roam Digital, focusing on the company's design strategy, process, approach, and professional development of Roam Digital's design team members across New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore.

In case you were wondering what a VP does, a typical day at work for Lucas consists of: attending strategy meetings with senior leadership team, reviewing product decisions in critical projects, connecting people who should be talking with each other, figuring out how to deliver value to a new client, writing documentation, and improving the ways his team works.

Wednesday, April 21st

6:50pm UTC

What can we learn from the new generation of designers?

We always say we want more diversity of thinking on our design processes, but how often we actually stop to listen to what a new generation of designers has to say or cares about? In this talk, Lucas will cover the importance of hiring junior designers, a few things he’s learned about design by working alongside them from diversity to craft, and how can we create a team culture that allows juniors to thrive.
Embracing the mess
4/21 6:507:20pm UTC
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