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Tayler Aitken

Product Designer at Stripe

Tayler is a product designer at Stripe, a company creating products that enable payments infrastructure for the internet. There, Tayler works on the DashXP team where she designs experiences for onboarding, messaging, navigation, and more. Previously, she was at IBM where she helped establish and build out the Carbon Design System. When not designing she can be found hiking around the San Francisco Bay Area, photographing landscapes, or moonlighting as an interior designer.

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Wednesday, April 21st

5:30pm UTC

Behind the gradient: The inner workings of design at Stripe

Join Connie and Tayler to get an overview on Stripe Design - including the complexities the team faces and how they navigate them. You’ll get an inside look into their world, ripe with screenshots!
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4/21 5:306:00pm UTC
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