17 September 202012:0017:00 BST
17 September 202011:00 AM4:00 PM UTC

Speakers and talks

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Dylan Field
CEO, Figma

Opening keynote

Amanda Pinsker
Product Designer at GitHub

Designing for the command line 

Declan Talbert
UX Designer at University of the Arts London

Design system as a service, not a product 

Anne-Sophie Delafosse
Localisation Manager at Deliveroo

When localisation and design talk to each other 

Angelos Arnis
Design System Lead at Posti Group

Bringing modern design to a 400 year old company 

Martina Dellepiane
Designer at Edenspiekermann Berlin
Presented with Sergej Spomer

Design Systems for agencies 

Sergej Spomer
Designer at Edenspiekermann Berlin
Presented with Martina Dellepiane

Design Systems for agencies 

Heldiney Pereira
Senior Product Designer at Zoopla

What if it all started in Figma? 

Furquan Ahmad
Product Designer at Ford Motor CO

Why we need to put accessibility first 

Henrique Gusso
Design Systems at TransferWise

Intentful contrast 

Kate Pincott
Remote Freelance Designer

Visualising capacity in the context of switching to remote work 

Charli Marie Prangley
Marketing Design Lead at ConvertKit

Self-promotion is not a dirty word 

Namnso Ukpanah
Product Designer at Flutterwave
Presented with Kayode Jaykay

Mobile web with Figma 

Kayode Jaykay
Product Designer at Tangerine Life
Presented with Namnso Ukpanah

Mobile web with Figma 

Olga Mishyna
Lead Product Designer

Collaboration in product design 

Viktoriia Nikitina
Product designer at GitHub

Communicating design systems 

Andrew Carter
Design Systems Designer at Bumble

Figma components in sync with code components 

Shirley Lai
Product Designer at Rakuten Viki

Tackling tech ethics: empowering the builders with value-sensitive gameplay 

Daan Hekking
Digital Product Designer at The Techno Creatives

Creating trust towards clients through Figma 

Carola Cassaro
Director of Product Management at Work & Co
Presented with Karolina Boremalm

Working smarter: building IKEA’s design system to unlock innovation 

Karolina Boremalm
Head of Global Digital Experience Design Operations, IKEA Retail
Presented with Carola Cassaro

Working smarter: building IKEA’s design system to unlock innovation 

Lauren Budorick
Software Engineer at Figma

Inside Figma: Little big features in the Editor

Noah Levin
Director of Design at Figma
Presented with Kelly Li (Product designer), Jordan Hsu (Growth product designer), and Heather Tompkins (Product designer)

Inside Figma: Product design snippets

Emily Lin
Product Manager at Figma
Presented with William Wu

Inside Figma: The art of being flexible

William Wu
Software Engineer at Figma
Presented with Emily Lin

Inside Figma: The art of being flexible

Sho Kuwamato
Director of Product at Figma

A look into Figma product thinking

Kelsey Whelan
Product Manager at Figma
Presented with Nikolas Klein

Inside Figma: failing together

Nikolas Klein
Product Designer at Figma
Presented with Kelsey Whelan

Inside Figma: failing together