April 21–22 2021
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Aubrie Phillips

Product Designer at WillowTree

Aubrie Phillips is a Product Designer at WillowTree in Durham, NC and self-proclaimed Figma evangelist. She started her career at Microsoft, where she saw the power cross-discipline collaboration can have in elevating design processes. She is an artist of many kinds, amateur roller-skater and serial foster dog mom.


Wednesday, April 21st

6:50pm UTC

From relay to road trip: eliminating ego and fostering cross-discipline collaboration

What if we viewed projects less as a baton pass between disciplines and more like a team road trip? The concept of road tripping envisions collaborators riding along together, switching drivers as the project progresses. While one discipline drives, the passengers stay engaged to support and contribute ideas. After all, what is a road trip without a trusty co-pilot to D.J., open snacks and help navigate along the journey?
Shifting team culture
4/21 6:507:20pm UTC
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