April 21–22 2021
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Michelle Molitor

Executive Director at The Equity Lab

Michelle is an advocate, an activist, a disruptor, and a rabble rouser generally. Racial equity and social justice have been central to Michelle's personal and professional journey from the start, and abolitionist and liberatory work are at her core. As we continue to think about decolonizing our lives, our relationships and our institutions, equityXdesign is the roadmap. Michelle is the Executive Director of The Equity Lab and is a teacher(and was a principal!) at heart. During the COVID pandemic she has been trying all the things; canning, bathtub gin making, greenhouse building, house renovation...you name it!


Thursday, April 22nd

5:30pm UTC

Race and recess: Design tools for reducing inequities

Racism and inequity in education are products of design, thus, they can be redesigned. And since more than half of US K-12 classrooms have a computer for every student, tech can be a catalyst for this change when used responsibly. However, it requires making tweaks to our traditional human-centered-design methods. We’ll share a set of tools from the Equity Lab on how to add a racial conscious lens when designing for any industry — while having some fun along the way.
Shifting team culture
Design systems
4/22 5:306:00pm UTC
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