April 21–22 2021
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Mina Bach

Senior UX/UI Designer at IBM

Mina believes in tech for good, open design & the Green New Deal. When not working, Mina volunteers her time to teach children aged 9—13 design thinking as a life skill through Design Club at the Science Museum, create a diverse and inclusive community for designers at Lovers Magazine and research trustworthy AI as part of the Mozilla Foundation working group.

Wednesday, April 21st

6:10pm UTC

Should devs design?

When Mina’s team moved away from a culture of 'design handoffs' to one of collaboration where everyone in the team works on all aspects of product development and engages with users regularly, they became more efficient, more user centric and much, much happier with the work that they do. In this session, Mina shares their journey and small actionable tips the team has picked along the way. You’ll leave inspired to start collaborating closely, to break down silos and end the 'design handoff' mindset.
Embracing the mess
4/21 6:106:40pm UTC
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