Putting accessibility at the heart of design and code

Kateryna Porshnieva, Independent | Vanessa Guilloteau, CANAL+ Group | Nahema Soussi, CANAL+ Group



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A practical guide to building accessible forms on the web
Speaker: Kateryna Porshnieva

Web forms are crucial for user interactions on the web, and to ensure our products provide an inclusive experience for all, we need to build them with accessibility in mind. In this talk, we'll dive into best practices and practical tips for crafting web forms that are accessible and won't leave anyone behind. We'll start by focusing on why accessibility is important, followed by a quick tour of the latest WCAG, HTML, and ARIA standards. Next, we'll delve into the principles of inclusive design and how assistive technology interacts with forms. We'll then discuss common patterns in forms and how to implement them inclusively, along with strategies for managing focus state, navigation and validation – all supported by practical examples in React.

Make it accessible and inclusive, make it great!
Speakers: Vanessa Guilloteau, Nahema Soussi

Accessibility and inclusivity have become key societal issues around the world in the last few years. Social networks and large international groups like GAFAM know how to reach large audiences by offering increasingly inclusive and innovative services. What about other major digital players who do not have the same means but are still convinced that accessibility and inclusivity have become essential? At CANAL+, accessibility has become a pillar of the company's strategy for the next few years, especially for myCANAL, our Live and VOD platform. Because it is available on many devices (mobile, tablet, desktop, TV, video game console) and across various platforms (web, iOS, Android), making myCANAL compatible with all forms of disabilities, and more particularly visual disabilities, remains an incredible challenge we try to meet every day. We would like to share a few initiatives we have worked on over the last 2 years to make video-watching accessible to as many people as possible.

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Day 1


Design at the speed of the news

The New York Times homepage and storytelling products are continuously evolving in response to a WIP world. The non-stop news cycle means teams need to make fast iterations on how to display our live news coverage, roll out and test new features quickly, and constantly iterate on our product. It requires a homepage system that is flexible enough to cover a wide range of impactful moments while still conveying news judgment and editorial hierarchy. In this talk, we will discuss how we, as product designers on The New York Times Home and Storytelling teams, react and respond to ever-changing newsroom and reader needs, balance speed-to-market with design quality, meet our business goals and collaborate with our cross-functional partners as well as with each other.


Day 1


Pushing design forward: from speculative methodologies to crafting delight

Designing tomorrow’s products: A journey into speculative design
Speakers: Kalyani Tupkary, Shihan Zhang

Designers dream of a world without constraints, but what happens when there are no limitations? Our talk offers guideposts to navigate these complexities and uncertainties of designing for an ambiguous future. We will delve into how speculative design frameworks can be applied to the product development process, enabling us to explore potential futures and envision preferred product futures. Additionally, we will discuss how design fiction can be used as a tool for foresight, sense-making, and strategy in business, especially when grappling with the future and its implications. By sharing our creative process, we hope to illustrate how these tools for thought can unlock new ways of thinking and diverse pathways forward.

From design to delight: the making of a Stripe landing page
Speakers: Richard Ekwonye, Kim Baschet, Nick Jones

At Stripe, we believe that the little things matter. In this talk, we'll take you behind the scenes of the Stripe Sessions website. We will explore how partnerships between designers and engineers coupled with meticulous attention to detail helped us craft a website that delighted users and surpassed even our own expectations—in just three months.



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